Offering a wider range of training courses

The current labour market has encouraged us to offer a wider range of courses, while creating an interaction between our different workshops, other training centres, companies, schools and other placement centres.
Social support, combined with the development of a first period of work experience in a real company complemented by effective training considerably enhances beneficiaries’ prospects in the job market.

Areas of activity

Which activities are you interested in?
For over 30 years, co-labor has developed activities in the field of horticultural, forestry and environmental work.

All these activities serve as an economic framework and thus create the platform for professional training courses consistent with the requirements of the job market. co-labor’s primary objective is professional reintegration, through guidance, qualification and integration into the job market.

Fields of training

Our fields of training are:
Forest environment, organic production, horticultural techniques, green space landscaping, woodwork, agricultural machinery mechanics, welding, car mechanics, commerce and sales, cooking (courses approved by Horesca - (the Luxembourg national federation of hoteliers, restaurateurs and café-owners), construction and masonry, but also ‘safe driving’ training courses recognised by the Association d'Assurance Accident (accident insurance association) including courses on the use of front load fork-lift trucks and cradles.

We also offer a range of ‘how to use a machine’ courses: chain saws, edge trimmers and hedge trimmers.
We also have plant knowledge courses: fruit tree pruning, educational gardens (training platform to raise awareness among the population, particularly young people, parents and teachers, about issues related to food, sustainable development and organic market gardening).

Continuing professional development establishment ministerial authorisation number: 00119562/13