Ecology & Society
Ecology & Society
think global, act local
Co-labor SC has been active for almost 40 years in reducing social exclusion through vocational training, social support and integration through work.
For this work to be useful, however, someone must still be alive to buy the product, a human population must be active and healthy. And this human population cannot live without air to breathe, without drinking water, without light, or without arable land on which to grow its future bread and graze its next steak.
We must therefore act, on our own scale, to preserve and rebuild the environment that allows us to live and work. In addition to the in-depth reflection begun in 2022 to improve our environmental impact, we are making a very concrete commitment to
  • reduce our consumption of non-renewable energy

  • reduce our consumption of drinking water

  • reducing our waste and sorting out those that cannot be reduced to ensure the best possible recovery


Some illustrations and useful resources

Several communication and training materials have been developed for our employees and clients. We are happy to share them under the CC-BY-NC license.
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