Social support
Social support

The social welfre  department is responsible for recruiting beneficiaries, for their social support right through the integration process, and for carrying out various social training courses (active job search, lifestyle, access to housing, budget management, conflict management, citizenship, etc;

Social support is partly given through group work (for training courses) and partly through individual support (follow up for individual problems: relationship problems, mental health, legal and financial problems, issues with excessive debt, housing, administrative assistance, addiction, etc.).
Where necessary, and with the beneficiary’s consent, the social welfare department cooperates with all the social services and authorities in the social sector, for example ADEM (the Luxembourg national employment administration).

In order to meet urgent housing needs, with the support of the Ministère de la Famille (Ministry for the Family), co-labor has set up the Logis project, offering housing to beneficiaries in need for a specific period. Logis housing support programme is carried out by the social welfare department.


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