Flowers for every occasion!

At co-labor flower shop, you will find flowering plants, rosebushes, bulbs, annual plants, indoor plants as well as planters, pots and vases.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our flower shop every Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 18.00 and Saturday from 9.30 to 17.00. Otherwise you can contact us by telephone (+352) 44 78 83 204 to place your order.

Traceable regional products

co-labor is a cooperative which has developed in keeping with the principles of sustainable development, in other words economic performance, social commitment and environmental responsibility. Our indoor plants are produced according to sustainable development values: local and organic as well as social.

In our fight against social exclusion, we have opted for professional training, integration through work, and job creation. co-labor is made up of competent professionals.