co-labor s.c.


We are an organic producer first and foremost!

In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg there is an increasing demand for healthy, high-quality eco-friendly products.

This is why co-labor decided to operate as its own producer.
We produce our organic fruit and vegetables on parcels in Luxembourg, and we grow a large range of plants at our site according to the principles of sustainable development (compliance with environmental standards by using corresponding techniques and products), as well as traceability and a regional approach (our produce complies with sustainable development values: local and organic as well as social).

Why co-labor is different

We belong to the social economy ...in its form and in its spirit of solidarity

Since 1983 co-labor acts as a cooperative developed on the basis of the following principles: sustainable development, social commitment and environmental responsibility, combined with economic performance. Social exclusion can be fought with professional training, integration through work, and job creation.
co-labor is made up of competent professionals supporting motivated teams.
We provide you with our talents and services, from planting and building gardens to tool supplies, from bouquets of flowers to organic food, from open fires to vegetable gardens...
co-labor welcomes you to its 3.5-hectare site in Bertrange.

Our services


Gardening and landscaping


Garding tools

Plant breeding

Eco Wood Management

Restaurant - Snack

Grénge Kuerf - Online Shop

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