Laying out gardens and green spaces.


Would you like to (re)design the surroundings of your home ?


We would be happy to advise you on:

Planting hedges and flower-beds

The design of your lawn

The installation of fences and privacy screens

Setting up of garden houses and sheds

Terrace and wall design, paving and access routes


A passion that needs nurturing


Maintenance is the guarantee of keeping your green spaces and gardens neat throughout the year

Lawn care (organic fertilization, cutting, scarifying)

Hedge trimming as well as bush and fruit tree pruning

Weed control and flower-bed care

Maintenance of decorative stone and hard surfaces

Sustainable development

We believe it is vitally important to comply with environmental standards, using corresponding techniques and products.

Option to have annual contracts

We offer you an annual maintenance contract for your green spaces.
We manage the maintenance schedule so that you don't have to worry about it.

Landscaping and maintenance for gardens is one of co-labor’s activities.

co-labor is a cooperative which has developed in keeping with the principles of sustainable development, in other words economic performance, social commitment and environmental responsibility.
In our fight against social exclusion, we have opted for professional training, integration through work, and job creation. co-labor is made up of competent professionals supporting motivated teams.