Your garden, your living space, is our passion!

It’s more than just a job, we are truly passionate about gardens in general.
From studies to plans, from excavation work to planting, from construction to maintenance.

Whether you’re an individual, a company or a local council, our team is at your service to provide you with an A to Z  landscaping service that meets your needs.

Landscaping for gardens
and green spaces

Would you like to landscape the surroundings of your home or buildings?
Our landscape architecture department is at your service to design your garden and green space landscaping for private or public projects. Original or classic, with a Zen or modern touch, based on an attentive interview, a rigorous analysis and an overview of the situation, we assess your desires, from which we will create a personalised space, without losing sight of the budgetary, topographical, botanical and crop science constraints…

Plant compositions and plantations
Soil working and excavation works

Our landscaping department
can also build
your garage path
or terrace!

Landscaping is a matter of alternating free surfaces and volumes, height differences, visual openings, but also mineral surfaces and masonry elements.
These have an important conceptual value, they create unity, emphasise the guiding lines, give a sense of discovery to the garden and connect spaces to each other.

Terraces, walls and entrances
Fencing and privacy screens
Lakes and natural pools
Support for climbing plants
Decorative items
Renovation of all kinds of existing outdoor constructions

A passion that must be maintained

Maintenance will ensure that your green spaces and gardens are well kept throughout the year.

Mineral surfaces
Plantation areas

Maintenance also includes felling, pruning and caring for trees…
Pruning for health reasons
Felling and dismantling dangerous trees
Crown bracing
Maintenance of climbing plants
Waste management

An example of tree felling:

Sustainable development

We believe it is vitally important to comply with environmental standards, using corresponding techniques and products.

Option to have annual contracts

We offer you an annual maintenance contract for your green spaces.
We manage the maintenance schedule so that you don't have to worry about it.

Landscaping and maintenance for gardens is one of co-labor’s activities.

co-labor is a cooperative which has developed in keeping with the principles of sustainable development, in other words economic performance, social commitment and environmental responsibility.
In our fight against social exclusion, we have opted for professional training, integration through work, and job creation. co-labor is made up of competent professionals supporting motivated teams.