Bio basket weekly offer 14
Bio basket weekly offer 14
  • 02 April 2021
Organic baskets of the week 14 (05/04/2021-09/04/2021)
We would like to inform you that on Tuesday, April 06, 2021, you will not be delivered.
The next delivery will normally take place on Tuesday the 13th. April 2021.
Basic basket 23
1 Organic lettuce/FR/IT
0.8 kg Organic carrots/ DE 
0.6 kg Organic beets/ DE
0.6 kg organic broccoli/ ES 
1 celery branch Bio/ ES
1pot of grass (thyme, chives) Bio/LU or DE
0.6 kg Organic pears/ NL/BE 
0.6 kg Organic apples/NL 
1 pce grapefruit/ ES
Family basket 32
1 salads according to availability Bio/DE/FR
0.4 kg Organic leek/ Lu Co-labor
1 kg Organic/ LU potatoes
1 pce pointy cabbage Bio/ ES
0.6 kg Organic tomatoes/ES
0.7kg Organic beets/DE 
0.6kg organic zucchini/ ES/IT
0.8 kg Organic bananas/EC/PE
0.6 kg Organic apples/ DE 
1 kg organic orange/ES
4 Organic kiwis/IT/GR 
Fruit basket 20
0.8 kg Organic apples/DE  or in conversion
0.8 kg Organic bananas/EC/PE/DO
0.6 kg Organic pears/ NL/BE 
1.2 kg organic orange/ES 
0.5 kg clementines Bio/ ES
1 organic pineapple/ CI 
Garden basket 20
1 salads according to availability Bio/ Lu Co-labor
1 organic radish boot/ Lu Co-labor
0.7kg Organic chard/ Lu Co-labor
0.7 kg Organic sweet potatoes/ ES/IT
1 pce Chinese cabbage Organic/ ES
0.35 kg yellow/red pepper Bio/ ES
Gourmet basket 45
2 salads according to availability Bio/LU Co-labor
0.5 kg Bio chicory/DE 
1 kg Organic carrot/ DE 
0.6kg Organic chard/ Lu Co-labor
0.5kg Organic leeks/ LU
0.3 kg Organic cherry tomatoes/ ES
0.7kg organic zucchini/ ES/IT
1 kg Organic apples/ DE 
1 Ataulfo mango BIO/BR 
1.5 kg organic orange/ES 
0.4 kg Organic lemon/ES 
1 ravier Organic dates/TN