Sale of plants

Take a leaf out of our book!

At co-labor nursery, each season we offer you a wide range of plants and expert advice to make your garden and green spaces a success.
Why not take a look around our gardens and greenhouses?


Embellish your green spaces and fill them with colour and sweet scents...

Professionals with 20 years of experience can help you with your choices.

Where can you find a large range of plants?

At co-labor...
... trees, fruit trees, bushes, rose bushes, bamboo, climbing plants, hardy plants, aromatic plants and grasses, conifers, heath plants

and in season...
... annual flowers, bulbs and vegetable seedlings for replanting

but also...
... organic manure, compost, soil, decorative bark, mulch and seeds for lawns... in bags or in bulk

and also...
... some of our top-quality plants are even organic.


Sustainable development

We believe it is vitally important to comply with environmental standards, using corresponding techniques and products.

The production and sale of plants is one of co-labor’s activities.

co-labor is a cooperative which has developed in keeping with the principles of sustainable development, in other words economic performance, social commitment and environmental responsibility.
In our fight against social exclusion, we have opted for professional training, integration through work, and job creation. co-labor is made up of competent professionals supporting motivated team.


Sale of plants